Thursday, February 5, 2009


So, incase you haven't checked out Kei's blog, OMIGAWD we're in NYC! Currently being bums abusing the priviledge of free interbutts in the lobby, and the only people doing so, as it's nearly two and only mutants like us stay up this late.

Just kidding I lied, there's actually two doodz sitting behind us. But, I guess that's coo'. The more mutants, the merrier. We're like Xmen and shiz.

I'm obnoxiously happy to be here, like I could pee myself. NYC is pretty much the homeland, and our hotel is lovely and right off of Time Square, so if it gets nice enough this weekend like I hope it does we'll likely go wander around. Last time I was here it was rainy and cold and my poor friend Min got to hear me go on and on and complain about it.

Not nice shit.

But we did chill in downtown Chinatown like the Chinatown Hustlaas we are.

Which is nice shit.

I'm sure I'll be posting more throughout the weekend, but for now because I failed and promised pictures that I did not deliver, here you go, taken from Kei's laptop:

Obviously BATMAN, as we are at New York Comic Con. Even though Batman is dead.

That's better.

We are capable of cute faces, we just choose not to show them often.

We'd rather show faces like this. I am man.

lolz azn

Also, I nearly forgot! On the way here, I nearly made this poor kid cry. He was probably about the same age as me though, which just makes it even funnier.

So, I, having been in a car for nearly two hours, really had to pee. Like, epic!Pee. So we stop at Friendly's to get food, and aftering ordering my drink and fapping to tbe beautiful selection of dipping sauces for my chicken (most of which were gross btw), I run off to the bathroom as I feel my bladder about to explode. I THROW open the door, and there is a boy, one of the employees, just there to clean the bathroom. Me, being as understanding as I am smooth, I yell at the top of my lungs:

"There's a DOOD in the GIRL'S bathroom! You gotta get out of here, man, I gotta PEE!"

His face was pretty much the color of my failed attempt at hair dying. Some straight Ronald McDonald red-orange shiz.

Delightful when it's on his face, not so much on my hair.

Lemme tell ya, it's hard being this awesome.


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